Update on 2023 Reunion

2023 marks 100 years of this family gathering.  So this year, we are celebrating in a big way -- two days - August 4 and 5 in Livingston, Wisconsin. The days are packed with events as you will see below!  There are two sections to this message - reunion news and other news -- so be sure and read through to the end.


On Friday, August 4, we will need help around 9:30 to set up the rooms in the Livingston United Methodist Church for the two days.  Come early if you can.  The gathering will start at 12:30 in the community room (same place as we have met over the years).   Some things we are covering that day include:

The evening will be free for you to visit local eateries depending on where you are staying.  We can provide suggestions before the day ends. We will need some volunteers to help set up for Saturday evening's event.


Saturday, August 5, the Livingston United Methodist Church will be open by 9:30 if you want to drop off your food for the potluck luncheon.  Please put food in the refrigerator or on the kitchen counters and plug in any crock pots to keep the food warm.  

The memorial service starts at 10:00 at the Rock Church Cemetery which is west of Livingston off Cty Hwy E turning right on Rock Church Road.  If any ancestors have passed away, please email us (Livingston.Watson.WI@gmail.com) their obits before July 1 so we can recognize them at the memorial service.  

Registration starts at 11:30 at the Livingston United Methodist Church.  Membership dues are $5 per person or $10 per family living in the same household.  Please bring  exact change if possible.  We cannot accept payment for several years to cover registration.  If you wish, we can accept it as a donation. The potlunch lunch will follow.  Please volunteer to help in setting up the food and cleaning up afterwards.

Afterwards, the program contains:

This portion of the agenda should end around 4:00 where we will need  to clean up the building and put everything back in place so all hands on deck at that point!

At 5:00 we will move to the Montfort Community Center (across from the swimming pool) in Montfort, Wisconsin.  There we will:

The evening should end around 8:30 with -- unfortunately  --  another clean up event .

We hope this agenda will inspire you to come to this historic event!!!  It will be wonderful to see familiar attendees and family members we haven't met yet.    So talk to your parents, siblings, or other cousins and come as a group.  

Remember -- we are looking for volunteers to highlight one of their relatives buried at Rock Church and sending me copies of obits for this year's memorial service. Watch for a message in early-mid June for registration information.  Feel free to contact us if questions arise.  

It is recommended to book your hotel reservations now.  For the last two years, work crews for several utilities (solar farm, windmills and transmission lines) have filled the hotels in Grant County during the summer.  Even if you aren’t sure yet if you can make it, make the reservation and ask about the cancellation policy.

We hope you come to this historical event! Contact us at Livingston.Watson.WI@gmail.com to let us know!

Statue of Sam Livingston

Seen in Calgary's airport. Sculptor: Alan Handerson. Source: Wikipedia.