Family history and stories

Hannah Hill Rudstam's writings on the history of the Livingstons and Watsons.

This document provides a short history of the Watson and Livingston families as told by Anna L. Burton and later re-typed by Jane Washburn. You can click here to view the original document in PDF format.

Closer look at the Hill Branch of the family

Presentations about the family

Bess Hannan & Alta Pearson's trip to Ireland in September, 1977, as transcribed by Nancy Washburn from Aunt Bess’ hand-written journal.

Created from speaking notes prepared by Don Hill, son of Vic and Emma (Carr) Hill. In the 1970s, he was asked to speak in Montfort, Wisconsin, for the occasion of the town's 150th anniversary. Don's goal was to amuse the audience with his early recollections of Montfort -- so the stories are mostly humorous, and not intended to be taken as entirely factual or as a complete history of Montfort.

Early history of the village of Livingston, Wisconsin, founded on property once owned by Hugh Livingston, Sr.