2013 Reunion

Livingston Watson Family Association - 90th Annual Reunion

The 90th annual Livingston-Watson Family Association Reunion was a great success and many people were in attendance for all of the events on Friday, August 2, and Saturday, August 3. Nancy Washburn wrote an article about our reunion that was printed in the Dodgeville Chronicle. Click the image below to read the full article:

The Saturday activities began, as they always do, with a memorial service at the Old Rock Church and Cemetery on the outskirts of the town of Livingston, Wisconsin. The old historic church was filled to capacity with family members who gathered to remember eight relatives who had passed away this past year:

Walter Bostrom
Madge L. Day
Donald Diamond
Geraldine Gross
Hadlee Grace Leix
Ellen Glenn Pottenger
Patricia Hill Shult
Bryon J. Walker

After the memorial service, many family members visited gravesites in the adjoining cemetery and left flowers on the headstones. They then assembled at the Livingston United Methodist Church for a picnic lunch and special presentations.

Assembled family members in front of the Old Rock Church after the memorial service

A visit to one of the Watson grave sites during the Friday tour

Family members enjoy a presentation at the Livingston Methodist Church

Livingston Family Presentation
One of the highlights of the 2013 family luncheon was a marvelous presentation by James Hibbard, a college archivist at UW-Platteville. Mr, Hibbard did some excellent research on some key events in the lives of our ancestors and prepared an illustrated PowerPoint show to accompany his presentation. You can click this link to view the PowerPoint slides from the presentation in PDF format--you do not need to have the PowerPoint application installed on your computer to download and view the slides.

Looking for More Photos?
Thanks to the work of Jane Washburn, we have an entire gallery of photos taken during the Friday and Saturday activities that were a part of the 2013 Reunion. We have created an account on the popular Flickr photo sharing site and have linked the galleries to this web site. Just click the "Flickr Gallery" tab at the top of the screen to view the photo sets.

If you would like to view or download the photos in their original size and resolution, just click this link to go directly to the Livingston-Watson Flickr page.