Livingston-Watson Family History

Hannah Hill Rudstam's writings on the history of the Livingstons and Watsons.

The Livingstons and Watsons before the Vale of Avoca, Ireland

Where were they before they came to Ireland?

Gravestone rubbing from Castle Macadam

The children of Thomas Watson, Sr. and Elizabeth Livingston Watson

Leaving the Vale of Avoca

The emigration story of Thomas Watson, Jr. and Margaret Nelson Watson

The emigration story of Robert & Mary Watson Livingston and Thomas & Elizabeth Livingston Watson

The Livingstons and Watsons in Wisconsin

The amazing stories of Hugh and Sam Livingston

Short history of the Watson and Livingston families as told by Anna L. Burton 

Documents assembled by Kenneth Livingston in 1982.

Wingfield wrote an autobiography circa 1881