2020 Reunion


Via Zoom Call

September 12, 2020



The welcome began with Lance Hill playing a video he produced of family photos, accompanied with background music of Kay Moen playing the pump organ at Rock Church. Jane Washburn and Kay had previously recorded three songs, which have been sung at every reunion since 1929: “Faith of Our Fathers,” “Blessed Assurance,” and “Blessed Be the Tie That Binds.”


Thomas and Ann Biddick, WI; Margaret Burdick, AL; Teresa Callias, MN; Sara DeLaFuente, WA; Cristene and Lyn Dueholm, WI; Mary Jane Gretens, WI; Robert and Kay Heiney, OR; Harriett Hill, CA; Lance and Joan Hill, CA; Pete and Janine Hoegg, OR; Karen Janke, WI; Hayley Jones, WA; Molly Jones, WA; Liz Kennedy, WA; Larry Lemanski, TX; Lynnette Lorch, CA; Ellen and Dick Marchessault, IL; Kay Moen, WI; Donna Moss, FL; Emmelle Pearson, WI; Hannah Rudstam, NY; Susan Stoops, OR; Joanne Teweles, TX; Julie Titze, NE; Judith Vavarapis, Greece; Eric Walker, OK; Brian and Elizabeth Walker, OK; Jane Washburn, WI; Nancy Washburn, WI, Kari Whittlef, MN; Sandra Wilkey, MN


Full obituaries will be printed in the 2021 newsletter.


Hannah Hill Rudstam gave an excellent powerpoint presentation on her family’s trip to northern England and Scotland. She presented research on the Watson family before they arrived in Ireland. The presentation centered on Low Park in Alston Moor, England where the family originated. She also visited Livingston, Scotland. CLICK HERE for pdf version of her presentation.


The rest of the call was devoted to open discussion where people chatted about the fires on the west coast. Donna Moss is looking for history on the Livingston side, along with a letter of Hugh Livingston while he was on his trip west. Susan Stoops mentioned they would come to the reunions in the 1960s and would love to connect with others who were there. She remembered a picture of cousins behind the church. She mentioned Aunt Mabel Livingston who was a teacher. If anyone has information to share, please contact them.

Molly Jones wanted a picture of Sam Livingston which Lance Hill later emailed to her. Jane Washburn mentioned that while going through the files she saw Frank Livingston had some family contacts in Australia but she has not been able to find recent information. She will get names to Theresa Callies who has contacts in Australia. If anyone else has information, please contact Jane.

There also was discussion about sharing the mailing list for the family. It was decided not to post it on the website but it could be sent in an email which Jane will do. A poll was taken on whether to hold more Zoom calls and it was a 100% “yes”.

The meeting was closed with mention of the Livingston Watson web page, Facebook page and email address (livingston.watson@yahoo.com) that is available to everyone.