2014 Reunion

Livingston Watson Family Association - 91st Annual Reunion

Sunny skies and wonderful temperatures welcomed family members to southwest Wisconsin on August 2, 2014 for the 91st reunion. The day started in the traditional way with a memorial service held at the Rock Church and Cemetery. Kay Moen continues to play the original pump organ in the church with her grandson providing a medley of music he learned at Bible camp. Pastor Ty from the Livingston United Methodist Church provided a sermon on stress in our lives. Attendees gathered on the front step after the service for a group photo.

The following family members were remembered during the Memorial Service:

A potluck luncheon followed at the Livingston United Methodist Church with approximately 30 people attending. Kathy Anderson, President, and Mary Ann Schallock, Secretary/Treasurer, informed the family that they were retiring from their positions after holding them for 7 years. A huge round of thanks was given to them. Attendees decided to elect new officers and also form committees for specific activities. The following people volunteered:  Kevin Olson, President; Sue Kirschbaum, Vice President; Jane Washburn, Secretary/Treasurer; committee members: Don Myers, Kay Moen, Dick Marchessault, Lance Hill and Hannah Rudstam. 

Jane Washburn provided an update on the progress of the family’s web site. The association now has a web page, Facebook page, and Flickr page for photos. Members were able to see what the pages looked like. Web committee members are looking for member e-mail addresses, old newsletters, photos, and information for additional family pages similar to those that have already been posted for the Hill Family. Members were interested in having a PayPal account set up so that dues and donations could be paid electronically, and they also urged leaders to establish an e-mail address for the association. 

Another tradition continued when the following attendees were recognized: