The Livingston Watson Family Association

Chronicles the history of five branches of the Livingston and Watson families, with roots in Ireland, now spread out over North America, Australia, New Zealand and other locations.

In the late 1700s, five branches of Livingston/Levingston and Watson families settled in Avoca, Carnew, Bolinahaney and Newtownbarry in Counties Wicklow and Wexford, Ireland. All lived within twenty miles of each other, but after more than 250 years, descendants can now be found all over the globe.

Since 1923, the Livingston Watson Family Association ( has celebrated its heritage by sponsoring a family reunion held in August each year in Livingston, Wisconsin, USA. This website brings together much of the family history, photos, news clippings and genealogical research that has accumulated over the years.

Document compiled by Nancy Washburn which contains family history and news clippings related to the descendants of John Hill and Mary Ann Watson Hill. Please see this link.

In addition, a password-protected family tree of the John Hill and Mary Ann Watson descendants is now available. Please contact Jane Washburn at

Read and download the Livingston Watson family tree compilation created by William Livingstone and dedicated to Frank Livingston.

The virtual Zoom reunion took place on Sunday, August 1st, 2021 and was enjoyed by all. See Reunions tab for past reunions

Livingston Watson Family reunions have been held in Livingston, Wisconsin. Thanks to Alex Montgomery and Jane Washburn for this beautiful aerial view of Livingston and the old Rock Church!