Earl Edward Hill

Earl Edward Hill was born in Livingston, Wisconsin, on January 17, 1885. He was the eighth child born to John and Mary Ann Hill and the fourth son born to the family. He received his early education at the Hopewell School and later attended the Jones Auctioneering School in Chicago. When he completed his training, he returned to the family farm near Montfort and worked with his brother Wes at farming and livestock trading.

The five sons of John and Mary Ann Hill--Earl is pictured in the second row at the left
Earl Hill married Cleora Knoke from nearby Lancaster, Wisconsin, on March 27, 1913, and the couple soon moved to Brooks, Minnesota. They established their home in Brooks where Earl continued to work as a farmer, auctioneer, and livestock trader.

Earl Edward Hill as a young man
Earl and Cleora had four children—Arlene (1914), James (1917), Marguerite (1921), and Rachel (1925). Earl was an active member of his community and served on the local school board, the rown board, and the Board of County Commissioners. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge, the Elks, and the Woodmans Lodge.

Marguerite Hill Kitchener
Rachel Hill Brekke

Earl Hill Family
(l-r) Arlene, Jim, Cleo, Earl, Marguerite, and Rachel
Earl Hill died rather suddenly of a heart attack on August 7, 1949. A memorial service was held for him in Livingston, Wisconsin, and he was buried in the Rock Church Cemetery. The obituary that was printed in the local paper shortly after his death sums up some of the characteristics that made Earl Hill such a beloved and respected member of his family and community:
“Earl’s greatest virtues were manifested in his own home where he found it a joy to serve loyally, lovingly, and persistently to bring comfort, peace, and happiness to members of his family. Earl was highly esteemed as a friend and neighbor. His keen judgment was often sought and accepted in business affairs. Among his friends he radiated happiness and good cheer at all times.”
Cleora Knoke Hill died several years later in Minneapolis on March 26, 1957, and she was buried with her husband at the Rock Church Cemetery.

Hill Family Picnic, 1954
(l-r) Max & Gary Washburn, Jim & Jack Hill,
David Washburn, Pat Hill Schult, and George Hill

Jim and Pauline Hill

Picnic at the home of Aunt Bess
(l-r) Rachel, Aunt Bess, Arlene, Marguerite, Great-grandchidren
Amy & Christy Marchessault