Lillian Marie Hill Washburn


Lillian Marie Hill was born on December 25, 1874, in the town of Montfort, Wisconsin. She was the third daughter and the third child born to John and Mary Ann Hill. Eventually there were be six girls born into this family. The photo below, probably taken around the turn of the century, shows all six of the Hill sisters—Lillian is in the back row at the left.

On March 17, 1906, Lillian married Herbert L. Washburn, and they settled in to live and work on a farm just north of Livingston. Herbert had also been born in 1874, the son of parents I.S.E. and Rachel who had come from the New York and Pennsylvania area.

Herbert L. Washburn
Lillian Marie Hill Washburn

The marriage of Lillian Marie Hill and Herbert Washburn would produce three children—Lucille, Margaret, and Ivan Maxwell (Max). The years after the turn of the century were somewhat turbulent for the country with social reforms occurring at home and the clouds of war forming in Europe. The three Washburn children were born between the years 1906 and 1911—Lucille (December 25,1906), Margaret (September 13, 1909), and Max (January 27, 1911). Shown below are photos of Lucille and Max in childhood and later in life:

Childhood Portrait of Lucille Washburn
Lucille Washburn Hartman
Max Washburn (left) and Ward Clark
Max Washburn in 1928

The photo below shows the Lillian and Herbert Washburn family in 1949. One of the grandchildren shown in the photo is Nancy Washburn, one of the people who has worked hard to continue the Livingston-Watson reunion tradition. She and her sister Jane gathered all of the photos that have been used in these Hill family web pages.

Grandchildren (l-r): Nancy, David, Gary, Janet, and Jon
Standing: Marion & Max Washburn, Lucille & Melvin Hartman, Lillian, Roger & Margaret Guiles