Hill Family

John Hill and Mary Ann Watson Hill

John Hill was born on June 7, 1832, in Castlecomer, Kilkenny, Ireland. He died on February 1, 1917, in Montfort, Wisconsin. Mary Ann Watson was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on December 21, 1849, and she died in Dodgeville, Wisconsin, on September 29, 1932. They are pictured in the center of the photo above with their eleven children. John was the son of William and Jane (Shore) Hill and was educated at an Episcopal school in Ireland. He came to the United States in 1860 when his parents left Ireland for a better life in America.

Mary Ann Watson and her parents Thomas Watson and Margaret Nelson Watson lived in New Orleans for several years and later in St. Louis for a year. A brief account of their life in New Orleans is documented in this article.On their way north, the steamboat on which they were travelling was destroyed by fire, and they were the only complete family to survive the ordeal.

John and Mary Ann were married on March 17, 1870, at the home of Thomas Watson, Mary Ann's father, in Clifton Township which is located in Grant County. They were married by Joseph Allen, the grandfather of Emma Carr Hill.

John and Mary Ann Hill lived on a farm southwest of Montfort, Wisconsin, until they retired in 1906 and moved into town to stay with their daughter, Bessie Hill Snyder Hannan. John Hill laid the cornerstone of the Old Rock Church in Livingston, and both he and Mary Ann are buried in the Rock Church Cemetery.

The local newspaper carried a lengthy obituary after the death of John Hill in 1917. Likewise, the local newspaper printed a lengthy obituary of Mary Ann Watson Hill that was filled with many details of her life. Click here to read the full obituary that was printed on Thursday, October 6, 1932.


Children Born to John Hill and Mary Ann Watson Hill

Eleven children were born to John and Mary Ann Hill between the years 1871 and 1891, and all of their children grew to adulthood, married, and lived long and productive lives. Click on any of the names below to view information about their lives and families:

Margaret Hill Walker  (1/5/1871-11/20/1946)
Anna Mae Hill Thiede  (2/2/1873-6/2/1958)
Lillian Marie Hill Washburn  (12/25/1874-5/1/1965)
George William Hill  (10/12/1876-9/15/1957)
John Wesley Hill  (10/18/1878-1/14/1951)
Thomas Watson Hill  (9/13/1880-7/10-1966)
Mabel Edna Hill Clark  (10/8/1883-7/22/1960)
Earl Edward Hill  (1/17/1885-08/7/1949)
Victor Charles Hill  (12/6/1886-12/30/1966)
Bess Ellen Hill Snyder  (12/26/1886-5/9/1990)
Alta Gwendolyn Hill Pearson  (4/6/1891-7/29/1995)

On New Year's Day in 1938 (or 1939), all eleven children gathered and posed for two group shots--one with the siblings alone and another with their spouses:

Front Row (l-r): Mabel, Lillian, Anna, and Margaret
Back Row (l-r): Alta, Bess, Vic, Earl, Tom, Wes, and George

Front Row (l-r): Bess, Mary (George's wife), and Alta
Middle Row (l-r): Mabel, George, Lillian, Anna, and Margaret
Back Row (l-r): Vance, Vic, Earl &Cleo, Tom, Wes & Alva, Herbert