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Wish more societies would be set up this way with the historical info. Though I live in NE part of WI I know a little of Livingston as I grew up near the other Vale o Avoca (rural Avoca, WI). I had relatives of the now defunct village of Centerville when the mining heyday existed. (Many years back in think in late 60's/early 70's I had and uncle and aunt run the dairy farm just south of town on Hwy 80).

I am currently doing a history of the early pioneers in that area as well tying them to Highland and the Avoca area. This includes family trees, bios, timelines, etc. One of many of my relatives was a Snyder but tracing now to Dr. Harry Snyder - he is not related. What was interesting is that it was stated in your webpage that a railroad went through which I did not know. I knew of the Highland one and of course along Military Ridge through Montfort and the one out of Mineral Point to Galena but never the one in Livingston.

What I would be most interested in is life in the area from 1800 up to 1880 as it appears Livingston was a stopping point for frontiersmen and families coming from Illinois heading to Centerville or to Muscoda. I have tracked at least two families back around 1834-35 heading north that must of came through there - even a couple returning to find their spouses there and are buried in the Rock Cemetery (which I have never stopped in).

Again - good website. John

By John

John. I'm the secretary of the association. Bess Hannan was the daughter of John Hill and Mary Ann Watson and sister to my grandmother.  Her first husband was Dr. Harry Snyder.  He died in an accident and she later married Vance Hannan who was the funeral director in Montfort.   A Roger Knutson of Livingston put out a document on the history of Livingston from 1880-1980. I have a copy but I believe he sells the document which is over 50 pages.   You can find his address thru Switchboard.

By Jane washburn

Does anyone have a knowledge of a Clifton family prior to 1839 as I have a person from the Avoca area who married a Sarah Clifton from most likely Livingston in September 1939. They owned farm land in the Town of Highland for some years before they moved to Iowa along with relatives.

Any info is appreciated. Thank you.


By John
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Hi John,

I checked to see if I could find anything about a Sarah Clifton with relatives buried at Rock Church Cemetery in Livingston. I found that there are two Sarahs buried there, A Sarah E. Clifton and Sarah G. Clifton -- but both of them died as young children.

Is Sarah Ann Clifton Booth (1822-1900) the one you are looking for?:

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Can any one help?  tracing death of  Anna L Burton daughter of Isaac and Anna Livingston Born 1868 Clifton, in 1940 census at Livingston district 0027.  Where did she die or buried  and help would be appreciated

By Lola Levingston
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Hi Lola -- I don't have any information about Anna's death or where she is buried. I do know some details about her -- that she was the daughter of Anne Livingston (1830-1910) , who was first married to a John Woodward, and later to Isaac Burton (1816-1870). Anne and Isaac had a son, Hugh, who died when he was 13. Their graves are at the Rock Church Cemetery in Livingston, Wisconsin. I don't see their daugher Anna's name on their family gravestone.

Their daughter Anna Livingston Burton (born 25 November 1868) was a teacher and school principal who later served as secretary of the Livingston Watson Family Association circa 1928.  There is also some background about Anna's early career at this Wisconsin state library link, from a 1902 source. Perhaps someone with more information will read this and jump in with further details. The University of Wisconsin website has her theses on file for both her undergraduate and graduate degrees.

If you search on "Burton" in the search box on this website, you will come up with a few links & the family history she put together.  

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Thank You  for your suggestions

By Lola Levingston

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